We have an unfair advantage. We make our own supplements in our lab, but we’re also the lab that makes the competition’s supplements. Most people don’t know this, but 99% of supplement companies don’t create their own formulas and don’t make their own products. They don’t even have any chemists or scientists on staff. They know more about designing labels than they do about formulating supplements. Not only do we know how to formulate best in class supplements, but every day we study new clinical research and experiment with new ingredients searching for the next big breakthrough. So right now our formulas include the ingredients that everyone else will be using in the next few years.

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Our line includes ingredients that nobody else has used yet and every ingredient is included at the dose suggested by the clinical study data. These are the formulas we created for our friends and family so we disregarded cost and just made the most effective formulas in the world. Until now you’d have to know one of us to get our supplements, but we created THE LAB so everyone can feel better and achieve their health and fitness goals using our cutting edge formulas.

We’re The LAB. Literally the supplement R&D lab that for decades has been formulating supplements for other companies. Now you have access to the same formulas that we use.