Men over 40: regain your youthful energy today

T-Sterone10™ – Testosterone Support Supplement

  • More strength at the gym
  • More passion in the bedroom
  • More energy all day
  • Feel younger
  • Includes clinical doses of 10 scientifically proven testosterone boosting ingredients

Why your body isn't performing like it used to...

It's not your fault. There are solutions to get your testosterone levels back up

  • Wish you had more strength at the gym, passion in the bedroom, and energy during the day?
  • Are you over 40?
  • Testosterone is the hormone that’s responsible for your sex drive, muscle mass, cellular energy levels, and much more
  • Testosterone decreases with age and stress
  • You feel sluggish, flat, and lack the spring you once had in your step 
  • Getting in shape is harder than it used to be
  • Your love life is lacking
  • It’s not your fault. Your testosterone levels may have fallen

There are solutions to get your testosterone levels back up

  • There are several types of solutions 
  • Some require trips to a clinic, injections, and cost hundreds of dollars a month
  • Then there are supplement solutions. THE LAB knows more about testosterone supplements than anyone else on the market because we’ve been making them for decades. We know all the standard formulas but our formulas aren’t standard. Our formulas are a mix of tried and true ingredients with cutting edge ingredients that are showing promise in early trials. Our formulas today use ingredients that everyone else will be using tomorrow.

Restore Your Body and Transform Your Life

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More strength in the gym- push longer and harder and see results faster with T-Sterone

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More passion in the bedroom- experience the energy and vitality you once had

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More energy during the day- awaken your body’s natural ATP energy production process for sustained healthy energy all day

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Feel more youthful- get that youthful energy back and feel decades younger

The cutting edge ingredients that make T-Sterone work...

Contains over 375 mg Bulbine Natalensis
  • Multiple studies show it to be an effective testosterone booster
  • Studies show decreases in estrogen
  • Dramatically increases libido
Contains over 250 mg Shilajit
  • Shown in studies to be a testosterone booster
  • Naturally boosts your body’s mitochondrial function for more energy
Contains over 500mg Maca and 500mg Fenugreek
  • Both known for tremendously increasing libido
Contains Boron
  • Shown in repeated studies to increase levels of free Testosterone
Contains other synergistic compounds
  • Royal Jelly: Produced by honey bees, reported to enhance testosterone production
  • Astragalus: Shown to raise count and motility by supporting male hormones, may serve as an estrogen blocker.
  • Milk Thistle: Shown to promote a healthy prostate, liver, and cholesterol levels
  • Astaxanthin: Known as a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, testosterone booster, estrogen blocker
  • Bioperine: Shown to enhance supplement bioavailability through increased absorption
Supporting Studies

Why we're different...

We’re THE LAB. We’re scientists and nutrition experts. We do the research ourselves, do the experimenting ourselves, and formulate the products ourselves. We’re the guys who the other guys hire to make their products. We’ve been formulating supplements for decades so no one knows more about supplement science than we do. And no other brand focusses on emerging science and cutting edge ingredients like THE LAB does.

Real results

Energy Level through the roof....

At 43 years old I decided it was time to go back to the gym and get healthy again. I chose to try The Labs T-Sterone capsules knowing that men my age tend to have lower levels of testosterone. Within a few days of taken these capsules my energy level was threw the roof. These capsules made it easy to get back into an active lifestyle. I no longer feel sluggish and tired halfway through the day. - Chris G.

Girlfriend noticed a change...

While taking The LAB's T-Sterone Capsules I noticed an immense amount of energy throughout my work day. No more 2pm crashes. My workouts have been way more intense, and YES, even my girlfriend noticed a change. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! - John B


satisfaction guaranteed

We know our products work because we use them, but don’t take our word for it. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all of THE LAB's products so you can try any of them risk free. If you’re not completely satisfied we’ll give you all of your money back. No restocking fee or other hidden fees. We even pay for return shipping. You have absolutely no risk when you shop from THE LAB.